Monday, January 31, 2011

I Am Back!!!!!!!!!!

Changed my email from Yahoo to gmail a month ago and have been getting schooled in Blogger/Gmail interaction ever since and thought I had lost 2 years worth of blogging and man I know it is great to get access to my account after a month and not knowing if I ever would. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!


One Fly said...

is this a miracle?

yup just a little over a month

good for you my friend!

lahru said...

well sort of, my blog is associated with an email address I established years ago and forgot about and in poking around with password changes I noticed that that old address was on the email from Google. Logged in under the old address and changed password and "VOILA" blog access recoverd.Man! what a relief!

One Fly said...

When I screw mine up I'm coming for you.