Monday, October 25, 2010

Americans need more of this

I myself are not comfortable confronting people about political issues and I guess if I am going to see a change in our country I need to get more comfortable with it. This guy nails it.

Husband confronts anti-abortion activists
By The Rachel Maddow Show
Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:29 PM EDT

The Good Men Project has a great piece by Aaron Gouveia where he writes about his experience confronting anti-abortion activists and catching the confrontation on video.

He and his 16-weeks-pregnant wife went to a women's clinic in Brookline, Mass. for an abortion after discovering that their baby had a congenital deformity with no chance for survival. On their way in, they were confronted by images of dismembered fetuses and two women yelling, "You're killing your unborn baby!" Enraged, Gouveia decided to confront the protesters while his wife was in surgery, and he caught the whole interaction on his cellphone. (H/T to's Tracy Clark-Fiory and Steve Cooks for the link)


One Fly said...

I don't disagree and I avoid this stuff for the most part because I don't like arguing and I don't think any minds will change. If these were two men out there this would have been different.

We'll see real soon where we stand in this country in respect to where we really are headed as a country.

Why can't these people fathom that government cannot control your body. Spreading disease not the same as abortion.

They don't want government in their lives but they sure as hell want it in everyone elses lives.

The hypocrisy.

lahru said...

Yeah,they have no problem controlling certain things they disagree with, selective value christians.