Saturday, February 27, 2010


Steve "Night Train" Holcomb bring the Gold home to Lake Placid in a sport that can be best described as driving a 1,000 horsepower race car on wet bumpy pavement with bad ball joints and bald bias belted tires. Those of you who remember bias belted tires are required to comment.

We can thank this guy and I'm sure so is the American Bobsled team.

Geoff Bodine he some how came up here and rode a bobsled and when he saw what our Olympic and World Cup teams were using for a sled, he recognized that we as a country could build a better sled. And we did, "Night Train" is the result of years of work and much donated money as the U.S. Bobsled team get's little if any support from Washington. How do you like them apples?


One Fly said...

I remember Bodine doing that. Since I hate winter have never been that big on winter sports-what can I say except it was the bobsled that I liked the most cuz it had a steering wheel.

Probably 10 years ago bought a 66 Nova. Couldn't hardly keep it on the road with the bias tires it had on. Damn car was a hex and got rid of it.

Of course this town is fired up with the medals the locals are going to bring home. I don't know any of the new guys but I'm surprised how many Olympians I do know.

lahru said...

yeah same here on the medals and if it were'nt for the skiing I'd go crazy or maybe I already am cause who looks forward to plowing and sholveling and all of this white shit we got so much that we are running out of places to park the shit short of calling in the big front end loader. it snows every day for the last 11 days and now they are forcasting snow thru next Friday. can't to tee 'em up.