Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teabaggers upset with Glenn Beck over birther issue

The birthers are pissed

What comes to mind is that fox news has made a good living appealing to the birthers, tea baggers and any number of right wing radical mindset folks over the past few years and now they might reap what they have sowed. Like someone said o another blog comment page, they are like drug addicts who are always looking for a better and more powerful high, they will switch drug dealers in a heartbeat to attain the crazy michelle bachman, glenn beck, billo, hannity and the rest of the political drug dealers that have cooked up ever more drug induced lunacy.

The problem I see is that Fox News has been pimpin' these drug dealers and if this plays out as I think it will Fox is left with nothing. Having pissed off the addicts and spent their credibility with the rest of America Rupert might have to reap what he has sowed. A smaller group of viewers who are just to lazy to switch channels or to stupid to notice. In the end Fox should have considered adopting a business model more sustainable as so might the Republican party. Honest Injun'

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P M Prescott said...

It's happening too damn slow for me.