Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey! Look! Way Out There..

Here's the way I see it. The Republicans represent big business and so the policy's and legislation they vote for are meant to give big business more profits. The Democrats represent those of us who are not big business, yet include in their policy's and legislation just enough big business stuff as to allow them second tier status for the sake of fund raising. So we have two parties(why parties I could never figure that out as opposed to groups or season pass holders) well anyways, One does all can it to gleen as much money from the businness people in America and the second does not quite so much heart big business so as to play secind fiddle to the big business people(BBP).

What I see happening is that BBP are not in favor now and those that are first in line collecting all the BBP cash are worried about the BBP foreclosing on their house. So they really have no where to go to raise money other than those people who are somewhat racist in their views and can be easily swayed by appealing to their dislike with a black man in the White House. Hence the small and energetic group led by some national television networks that have railed against said White House resident. Like I said in an earlier post " the slippery slope does not care who you are ". The fundamental change that the Republican Party needs to make is right in their face and breathing on their lips and they are just indignant and value the success' of the past and hope that they will work in the future. And their inability to think outside the box has doomed their fate. Maybe when it get cold outside next winter and they are looking for someplace warm and comfortable to spend the winter inside, they will adopt the values of most Americans.

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