Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buying a car off of somebody's front lawn?

It seems like lately I have heard some stories from freinds who have bought a car off of somebody's front lawn and had problems after a few days or weeks. Unless you take the time to take it to a mechanic, and then one you can trust, and have it checked out you really don't know what you are getting for your money. And when you go back to talk to whoever you bought it from they are not willing to help pay for whatever is wrong.

Let's face it, they probobly took it to a dealer to trade it in and when the dealer appraised the car and told them what is is worth they figured they could sell it themselves for more than they could get from the dealer.

When we appraise a car we not only look at the body and the interior but also listen and look at whatever could be wrong mechanically. Most if not all cars we take in trade need at a minimum new brakes,tires and exhaust. And probobly a good cleaning.

With labor rates of $60.00 to $90.00 per hour in a repair shop today it doesn't take long to have a bill for $1,000.00.

Plus when you buy the car off of somebody's front lawn you get no warranty.............

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One Fly said...

There was time when all this stuff was done by dealers as part of the process of selling used cars at least where I grew up. I drive well taken care of used cars with records. The past four have been Subys. It's a long story but I drive these things very cheaply- the last was .03 per mile.